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Friday, February 27, 2015

March Reading Madness - Update

The current leaders in March Reading Madness ROUND 1 are: 


Don't forget to vote for your favorites,
and you can vote more than once!

Round 1 will close March 6th and 
Round 2 will start March 7th. 

Library Word of the Week - March Madness Edition

March is almost here, and with it, basketball season. I know here at HSC we have some amazing players who want to play for the NBA, and I certainly hope that some of them make it.

With that in mind, not only are we doing a March Reading Madness bracket (found both in person at the library and online here: March Reading Madness Vote), but the Library Word of the Week is actually a short History of Basketball. After all, Springfield is the home of the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Basketball originated in 1891 when a future Presbyterian minister named James Naismith (1861-1939) was assigned to teach a physical education class at a Young Men's Christian Association(YMCA) training school in Springfield, Massachusetts. The class had been noted for being disorderly, and Naismith was told to invent a new game to keep the young men occupied. Since it was winter and very cold outside, a game that could be played indoors was desirable.

Naismith thought back to his boyhood in Canada, where he and his friends had played "duck on a rock," which involved trying to knock a large rock off a boulder by throwing smaller rocks at it. He also recalled watching rugby players toss a ball into a box in a gymnasium. He had the idea of nailing up raised boxes into which players would attempt to throw a ball. When boxes couldn't be found, he used peach baskets. According to Alexander Wolff, in his book 100 Years of Hoops, Naismith drew up the rules for the new game in "about an hour." Most of them still apply in some form today.

So enjoy some hoops, learn about the history, and follow our Reading Madness bracket. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

March Reading Madness

VOTE for your favorite books!
Go to Round 1 of our March Reading Madness survey to pick your favorites out of the
TOP 16 circulated titles!

Can YOUR favorite book win March Reading Madness? 

March Reading Madness Round 1

Monday, February 23, 2015

Teen Programs at the Central Library!

Teen Programs at the Central Library!
March – April 2015

Sunday March 1, 2015 - Tuesday March 31, 2015                
It Pay$ to Read! - Read Off Your Fines Month for Teens   

All this month, teens ages 12-19 who have overdue fines on their library cards have a chance to reduce those fines by reading. Sign in at the reference desk and make yourself comfortable nearby – $2 of your fines will be eliminated for each half hour you read, up to an hour and a half each day. (Bills for lost or damaged items are not covered by this program.)                                             Location: All Library Locations

Wednesday March 18, 2015                                            4:00 PM  -  5:00 PM            
Bristle Bots for Teens and Tweens                                     

Wish you had a robot to do your kitchen chores? Build this tiny one yourself using a small scrub brush and some basic electronic parts. Suggested for ages 11 and up.
Location: Central Library Community Room

Monday March 30, 2015                                                    4:00 PM  -  6:00 PM            
April Fool! Cosplay/Karaoke Party for Teens        

April Fool's day is only a couple of days away -- get in the mood at our cosplay party. Dress as your favorite anime or book character, or create your own character. We'll do some karaoke and have some foolish snacks like pizza cake and caramel apple grapes. Online registration is suggested but not required.          Location: Central Library Community Room

Wednesday April 8, 2015                                                  3:30 PM  -  4:30 PM            
Putnam Student Showcase -- Cosmetology
Students from the Cosmetology Department at Putnam High School will showcase their skills at the Central Library, talk about, what they do and present a demo in roller sets. This fantastic program for Teens and Tweens will allow some audience participation. Come and enjoy Putnam's finest.                                     Location: Central Library Community Room

For more information or to sign up, call Martha at 263-6828 x425 or go to the library’s website at 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Coding Club!

Computer Coding club will meet on Mondays after school in the library conference room. Yes, students will be using the cool, new, Yoga laptops.

For anyone who wants to join in and catch up over the weekend:
Create an account on Khan Academy: 
Click on your profile
Then "coaches"
Add Ms. D with the code: 5CFHFB 
Start coding! 
(Check out Ms. D's fish tank here

The coolest thing about doing the Intro to JS is that for every student who completes it, the HSC Library will get $100 towards our Donors Choose to get a 3D printer. Come by and see a sample of what a 3D printer can do. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Blind Date with a Book

Since Valentine's Day is coming up, the library has a new display: Blind Date with a Book.

Students and teachers can check out books based on a mini-profile of information. All books are have information cards:

Everyone says I'm:
My hobbies: 
I'm looking for someone who is: 

What do you think your ideal blind date book would have for those three statements? Come on down and find your perfect book match!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Library Word of the Week ... The Words of the MCAS

MCAS season is upon us. In order to help everyone prepare, here is a list of commonly used MCAS terms:

  • Argue Prove your points by using facts 
  • Analyze Separate into parts and explain 
  • Cause & Effect Tell what happened and why it happened 
  • Compare Find how two or more things are alike 
  • Contrast Find how two or more things are different 
  • Criticize Tell about the value of something 
  • Define Give a clear meaning 
  • Describe/Discuss Look at the good and bad points and give a detailed answer 
  • Diagram Make a drawing or chart and label all of the parts 
  • Evaluate Give the strengths and weaknesses but include more of your own opinion 
  • Explain/Interpret Tell how and why about a subject 
  • Identify Pinpoint and explain Illustrate Give examples OR use a drawing or chart (this depends on the subject) 
  • Justify Prove your answer List Put the answer down point by point 
  • Prove Show evidence or proof about something 
  • Relate Compare showing similar points 
  • Review Critically examine and comment on major points 
  • State/Summarize Tell the main points 
  • Trace Follow an event from beginning to end emphasizing the main points 
More MCAS help information can be found here: Survivor Handbook

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Fundraiser Update

I want to extend a huge THANK YOU to the people who have donated towards our Funds4Books fundraiser. We currently have $625 towards new books!

Please keep spreading the word. Our fundraiser is here: HSC Funds4Books