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Hack College Career Series

Your dream job is more within reach than you thought. HC’s new series can help you:

  1. Compare careers in your field
  2. Follow the latest industry trends
  3. Find your best-fit program

Career Guides

  •  The 100 Best Jobs-
    Good jobs are those that pay well, challenge us, are a good match for our talents and skills, aren't too stressful, offer room to advance and provide a satisfying work-life balance. Even though there is no one best job that suits each of us, U.S. News' list of the 100 Best Jobs of 2016 are ranked according to their ability to offer this mix of qualities. Also, the best careers are ones that are hiring. 
  • Not sure what you want to do? Try the "Career Road Map". This easy test will tell you what career you should choose based on your skills.
  •  Majors That Pay You Back Choosing a major makes an even bigger impact on future earnings than deciding which school to attend. PayScale ranks the highest paying college majors for associate, bachelor's and graduate degrees. College Salary Report 2016-2017
  •  Gale career database

Vocations and Careers Collection

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