Library Visits

To check out books or use the computers you MUST have: a signed pass from your teacher and your SCHOOL ID.


Library Hours
Monday: 7:20 - 1:25  / 2:20 - 3:20
Tuesday: 7:20 - 1:25
Wednesday: 7:20 - 1:25
Thursday: 7:20 - 1:25 / 2:20 - 3:20
Friday: 7:20 - 1:25


Students are allowed in the library before school, during lunch with a pass, or some days after school. Students can come to me before school or the day before to obtain a lunch pass. I will not write lunch passes for the same day after 7:35 AM. 

Some students have permanent lunch passes. These students know the rules and have proven themselves to behave well in the library. If they break the rules, the passes will be taken away for one week for the first offense (two weeks for the second, etc). If these students are yours and are late coming back from lunch, please email me and I will revoke their pass for one week. 

During the school day, students are allowed with a pass, however, ALL passes must have:
1) date, 
2) time, 
3) teacher's legible name and signature (preferably with room number as well), 
4) student name, 
5) reason for visit (i.e. research, computer, finding a book, etc), and 
6) if the student is expected back in class or can stay the remainder of the period if work is finished. 

If passes do not have all of the above information, students will be sent directly back to class. If passes are written in pencil and/or look suspicious, I will call to confirm. 

If a student does not follow the general rules of the school/library (no personal electronic devices, no food, uniform violations, disrespect of teachers or the space, etc), I will send them back immediately

If a student is told to lower their voice or no streaming media, etc, and persists in the inappropriate behavior after one warning, I will send them back. 

If a student is not working on what they are supposed to be working on, I will send them back after one warning to get back on track. 

I will use my discretion to turn away any student or to remove any students who are causing a problem.

Students will need an ID to check out materials.

Students may check out two books at a time. If more books are needed, exceptions can be made on a project-by-project basis.

Items circulate for three weeks and can be renewed. Students must return overdue material before checking out new items.

Class Visits

Please call, email, or stop in to book your classes into the library. 
It helps to know:
1) how many students are in your class 
2) what they're working on
3) if you need computers
4) if you need to use the library classroom
5) if you need any resources pulled in advance

Library Closings

There are some times when the library will be closed (testing, etc) and I will do my best to send an email announcing this as far in advance as possible. There will also be a sign on the door announcing closings so that students know as well.